hurley mr clucks 320 'Letters from the Flame': 'Lost' about 'Everybody Loves Hugo'? I have your answersLoads of great “Lost” questions this week from you, fair readers. You had questions about Desmond’s driving skills, Sayid’s romantic inclinations, the purpose of Jacob’s ashes, the ultimate role of The Whispers, and questions about the upcoming off week for the show. So let’s get right down to it!

Do you think that maybe Desmond ran over Locke not only because he wanted him to “feel” the other timeline, but also to get him to Jack’s hospital so the two can start connecting again (and maybe Locke’s spine?) Considering this episode finished with Jack and a version of Locke facing each other down in the Island world, I could see their reconciliation in Sideways world tying into that next week.
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I personally love the idea of the twin storylines involving Jack and Locke this week. Their brief interaction in “LA X” is still a personal Season 6 highlight for yours truly, and the show has synched the two timelines in a way that will involve some heavy parallel activity this week. The last two weeks have shown some form of relationship between these two worlds, and I would love it if Island Jack and Smocke can start to “see” the other world as well during their upcoming confab.

Can we see Abaddon one more time before the series is over?

Hey, I’m on board with that idea. Many people pointed out that Abaddon, not Minkowski, would have been a better chauffeur for Desmond in “Happily Ever After” As a back-up option, Minkowski worked fine. But while much of “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” is more palatable to me with the passage of time and the development of plot, Abaddon still goes out like a chump in that episode. Makes me sad. Almost as sad as watching Lance Reddick be criminally underused on “Fringe.”

I watch the episode twice and didn’t notice it, but maybe I am overlooking something. What do you think the significance of Hurley not seeing his reflection in this episode was?

I think the mirrors stood in visually as 1) a metaphor for the connection between the two timelines, and 2) a way for people to potentially get a brief glimpse of the other side. With Desmond now aware and waking up other passengers on the plane, the mirror is no longer necessary. (Can’t wait for 8 mirror scenes this week to completely destroy this theory.)

So far, love has been the driving factor in our characters realizing something is not right in the sideways-verse and this led me to a horrible conclusion: Nadia is not Sayid’s true love/soul mate, SHANNON IS!!! Do you think that a meeting between Sayid and Shannon in the sideways-verse is in the cards in the final 6 hours?

A lot of people were claiming this in the wake of “Sundown.” To me, it seems a stretch. I can’t rule it out, obviously, but let’s look at “Sundown” briefly. The entire on-Island plot revolves around Sayid trying to get back the one thing he cares about most. The entire off-Island plot shows him as “Uncle Sayid,” in love with but unable to be with Nadia (and vice versa). I’m all for misdirection, but why spend an episode on Nadia just to go “Just kidding! Shannon all along.”

Having said all that, will we see Sayid/Shannon interact in the sideways world? I’d bet a whole lot of fish biscuits that they do.

Do you think that it is possible that Ilana will appear to Hurley, explain to Hurley how the ash can be used against MIB, and Hurley will use this knowledge to defeat MIB? Hurley, Jack and the others know that they cannot defeat him with force, so they must find his weaknesses or limitations.

Know what that sounds like to me? Throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West. Totally possible, even though I thought Jacob’s ashes were simply shown to give Hurley the idea to use Jacob as an excuse to follow him. But thinking about a further use for the ashes, even if for simple circular protection? Love it. Speaking of more “The Wizard of Oz” imagery…

I was thinking when I saw Peter Pan boy that it was Jacob growing up. Maybe that is Jacob coming back to life and if Smocke doesn’t get off the island before Jacob reaches a certain age, it’s too late – Jacob’s back…What if enough candidates keep hope alive and don’t follow Smocke, that that keeps him on the island long enough for Jacob to come back? And maybe Des got under Smocke’s skin because he can make the candidates whole and strong enough to keep Smocke stuck; so Jacob can re-form?

I read a similar theory put forth by Jeff Jensen after JB posed this question, and it’s certainly a good one. I guess the appearances of the child could be the Island version of the T-1000 reconstituting itself after a major explosion. The idea that Smocke is working on a timeline gives everything he does more dramatic weight; but then, why spend a day whittling a stick if the clock is running out? (Or, to use imagery from The Temple, itself derived from “Oz,” the hourglass is nearly empty?) The next question might help answer this.

Any chance the ghosts of those stuck on the island play a part in the Endgame?

In last week’s “Course Corrections,” I asked if Michael was unwillingly working for The Man in Black in “Everybody Loves Hugo.” The reason? He helps Hurley choose to walk into Smocke’s camp in the same episode that Smocke sits around and waits for that very thing. Do I think Michael WANTED to do this? No. He clearly shows remorse for Libby’s murder. But just as Sayid is “hollowed out” this season, maybe The Whispers are hollowed out as well, able to be “filled” by either the light or dark aspects of the Island depending on the situation or the machination.

As to the end game: “Corrections” also discussed the moral implications of the War of the Island now that dozens/hundreds/thousands of spirits are now intimately involved in the outcome. Personally, I get chills when thinking about the final showdown on the Island: Team Jacob vs. Team Smocke, with all of The Whispers materializing around them as audience for the final conflict.

So I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say there’s a ‘gap week’ coming up. Have you got anything planned for the blog that week? Maybe a mini-rewatch recommendation based on eps we know to be important to the resolution of the show.

Oh and I’m having a Lost-dinner with pals in the gap-night and we’ve got to bring Lost-themed stuff. So if anyone has ideas what I should bring, let me know (and I’ve got to be able to carry/wear it so no Microwave of Mayhem suggestions Ryan!)

We talked about this in last week’s chat, but yes, next week will have no new “Lost.” Which is just awesome, since I thought the whole point of holding the episodes until 2010 was to offer a clean, uninterrupted series of episodes. I honestly don’t know what I will have on the blog that night: I could do another live chat, certainly, but beyond that, not quite sure. I live in the now, which is the nice way of saying, “I’m so busy that my soul might be crushed.”

As far as dinner options, I’ll leave that up to the readers. I was all ready to tell you to bring Hot Pockets, but you’ve declared microwavable items off-limits.

Coming soon: another Great “Lost” Debate! The topic? “A tale of two Desmonds.” Should be a fun one. Plus? A big announcement coming by Tuesday! Stick around.

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