leverage-season-5-pickup.jpgAfter five seasons on TNT, “Leverage” was rather unceremoniously cancelled right before Christmas — but that may not be the end of the caper drama. Executive producer Dean Devlin is investigating options to revive the series in some form or another, possibly even a feature film.

“That would be fun to do. That’s definitely a possibility,” Devlin tells Deadline. “It’s a long shot, but we have a lot of love for the show and the fans have been tremendously supportive. If we can find a way for it to continue we’ll pursue.”

As proof of that fan support, “Leverage” just became the first cancelled show to win a People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Cable Drama.

“I have a giant pile of stories we still wanted to tell. Creatively the show was far from exhausted,” Devlin continues. “One of the great things about this show is that it was produced independently so we can control its destiny to some degree. So, if we don’t survive as a TV series, who knows? We’ve already started a series of books so maybe there’s a movie down the line. Maybe an Internet series, comic books, I don’t know. We’re wide open to all ideas.”

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