Leverage_The_Studio_Job_Christian_Kane.jpgTonight’s cuppa: Barry’s Gold Blend tea or Texas Turtle coffee? I can’t decide!

Recently, I had a chat with Christian Kane, who plays tough-guy enforcer Eliot Spencer on TNT’s hit caper drama “Leverage” — he’s got a very special episode coming up in Sunday (July 18), so click here to take a look at the Zap2it story — and the conversation turned to his days playing lawyer Lindsay MacDonald on The WB’s “Angel,” and his ongoing friendship with the star of that show, David Boreanaz.

“It’s funny,” says Kane, “I just watched the last episode about a week and a half ago. I had TiVoed two episodes of ‘Angel,’ and that was one of them. I ended up watching the whole thing over again and thinking, ‘Wow, we were young.'”

Boreanaz is now one of the stars of the hit Fox crime drama “Bones,” playing tough-guy FBIBones_David_Boreanaz.jpg Agent Seeley Booth.

Asked if he was ever going to be on “Bones,” Kane says, “You know, David keeps talking about it. We keep talking about it. It would love to go over there. It’d be such a blast. We’ve talked about it for years. I could do it. It’d have to be the right role, like Pacino and DeNiro in ‘Heat.'”

In late 2008 and early 2009, I posted some polls about the two pals. In this one, I asked which one was prettier, Kane or Boreanaz; and in these ones, I asked whether Kane should cut his trademark long locks, and if Boreanaz should direct an episode of “Leverage.”

For the record, neither thing in the second set of polls has happened yet; and in the first poll, it stands at nearly a draw, with Boreanaz edging out Kane by a couple of points.

So that made me wonder, since both guys play tough guys, which tough guy would prevail in a guy-on-guy fight? It seems Kane has thought about the same thing.

“I think Eliot Spencer should just go over to ‘Bones,'” Kane says, “and him and Booth have a tussle on a case. I’d like to see the vote on that, who they think would win. Eliot or Booth, come on!”

Well, Mr. Kane, you get your wish. Below find a poll on just that very subject, and I hope all those “Angel” and “Leverage” and “Bones” fans out there will drop by and make their sentiments known.



Posted by:Kate O'Hare