levi johnston new relationship Levi Johnston changes relationship status, Bristol Palin just thrilled

Things are heating up between Levi Johnston and girlfriend Sunny Oglesby. The two are officially “in a relationship” on Facebook.

]]>Bristol Palin‘s Facebook time is generally limited to oddly-worded open letters to her critics in the media, so she probably hasn’t had the chance to “like” the development for her baby dad — but she is reportedly “happy” for him. In an interview with E! News about her ex and the 20-year-old daycare teacher, Palin seems totally cool with the couple. “I have to be happy for Levi’s new relationship because it sounds like his new girlfriend is influencing him to want to actually spend time with Tripp,” Bristol tells E!. “I sincerely appreciate her influence because [Levi] hasn’t asked to see Tripp in over five months, so I’m happy for this new development.” So aren’t we all, B-Palin.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell