Levi before Levi now

Levi Johnston, who was on the red carpet — ostensibly — as comedian Kathy Griffin's date, was getting a lot of attention at the Teen Choice Awards. And that was, after all, the whole point.

Radaronline.com snagged an exclusive video interview with the young man.

In the interview, Levi says that there have been problems in Sarah Palin's marriage "from Day One." And he thinks the ongoing marital problems were why she stepped down as governor of Alaska.

But he doesn't think there was any cheating going on.

So clearly he must not have read — or doesn't believe — the National Enquirer. And neither do we! No, really!

"She took the money,” he said. “That’s what she’s talked about, that’s what I’m gathering and I think that’s what she’s doing.”

Look who's calling the kettle black. Why, it's the pot!

And is it just us or has Levi sprung for a stylist? He looks fresh off the tundra at the Women Online Worldwide launch event. Check out those bangs! But he was properly suited up at the Teen Choice Awards. 

What do you think of this kid?

Selling stories about the mother of the mother of his son to websites and magazines?

That's just low no matter who you are or where you come from.

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