levi johnston Levi Johnston won't see son Tripp on Thanksgiving. Thanks, Sarah Palin.Levi Johnston, who was — without a doubt — the most sought-after interview on the GQ Man of the Year red carpet Wednesday, admitted he is not doing an X-rated movie. 

And sad news: he can’t see his son for Thanksgiving, an important family holiday.

“I’m gonna be hanging out with my boys,” he told the Dish Rag about his T-Day plans. We think he means friends or maybe his manager Tank Johnson and his lawyer.

“My kid will be in Washington, DC with Bristol and Sarah. So I didn’t get lucky with that.”

Will he see his son for Xmas? “I’d better, yeah,” he said firmly.

Now about those X-rated video rumors….

]]>“I was never gonna,” Levi explained of the wild X-video rumors. “I don’t want to do an X-rated movie.”

Apparently, the nude Playgirl shoot was trying enough.
“That was a one-time gig for me. I wasn’t in as good a shape as I could have been,” he admitted, blaming time constraints for his strict diet and training.

He does think the photos are too bad. “My sister has seen them. She laughed and said they are good pictures,” he revealed. “I haven’t gotten any feedback from my dad yet.”

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