levi johnston wedding invitation gi Levi Johnston's wedding invitation is a sight to beholdLevi Johnston married baby mama No. 2, Sunny Oglesby, in Wasilla, Alaska on Sunday, Oct. 28, and the invitation the couple sent out to friends and family is…interesting, to say the least.

It appears that the newlyweds used Microsoft Word’s wide variety of fonts and clip art to create the invitation, which you can see over at TMZ. Bless their little hearts.

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You’ll notice that there are a few typos in the mix — they spell “families” like “famalies” and welcome their loved ones to watch them “join marriage.” Again — bless their hearts.

Still, congratulations are in order for the newly hitched family, who welcomed daughter Beretta Breeze Johnston (yes, like the handgun) in September.

Posted by:Jean Bentley