rainbow oreo kraft foods LGBT rainbow Oreo elicits support and boycotts alikeKraft Foods made headlines this week when it posted a gay-pride rainbow Oreo cookie on Facebook. The cookie features six layers of frosting in the colors of the rainbow pride flag that stands for diversity in the gay community. The post is accompanied by the text, “Proudly support love!”

Basil Maglaris, the associate director of corporate affairs at Kraft, tells Reuters that the picture is in recognition of Pride Month in the U.S., which is June. The post has elicited a wide spectrum of comments.

Thank you Oreo for the
support of those who only wish to love and be allowed to love whoever
they choose! You have a forever customer with me!! I want this Oreo on a
shirt!! (One to eat wouldn’t hurt either!! lol)” – Andrea Hopkins

Why is Nabisco doing this?
Don’t know why they would want to make such a “statement” in support of
gay pride. Even though I oppose the gay lifestyle, I believe in “live
and let live”. However, the gay community will not let me avoid the
issue. I don’t want to be forced to observe things like gay pride
parades which often turn into carnival-like freak shows and only serve
to turn me against the gay community. The gay community can celebrate
their differences all they want, but forcing the issue (as Nabisco is
doing) does not help.” – Rick Dyer

?..ONE NATION UNDER GOD..PERIOD.. no gay rights, not on my watch.. :)” – Mike Confronter

I want rainbow cream oreos! That would be awesome, and thanks for supporting love and human rights!” – Emily Kerins

rainbow oreo comment 2 LGBT rainbow Oreo elicits support and boycotts alikeThe post also spawned the comment picture to the right, which is generating some buzz.

So far, the post has nearly 218,000 “Likes”, over 66,000 shares and has spawned over 35,000 comments – though the positive ones do out-number the negative ones.

Unfortunately, don’t look for the six-layer rainbow Oreo in stores anytime soon. The fine print reads, “Made with creme colors that do not exist.”

Which is kind of a bummer. That cookie looks delicious.

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