• I could barely contain myself when I saw Jennifer Beals’ name in the credits. Awesome — I love her chemistry with Tim Roth, and if the way Emily busted them is any indication, I hope we get to see more of her.
  • Speaking of Cal and Zoe’s daugher, Emily — she’s wonderful, and the fear in her eyes as she watches news reports about a bomb in a mall she goes to is genuine. She’s also just a great kid, and her worry to Gillian over the state of her parents’ relationship is totally believable.
  • While it’s not really surprising that Gillian’s marriage is dissolving, it’s nonetheless really sad. Gillian struggles throughout the episode — she’s got a lot going on, and it’s tough to keep a lid on it all. Cal’s genuine affection for her, and their dynamic as friends and partners, only gets more interesting. But is Emily seeing something everyone else is ignoring?

What did you think? Do you think Cal’s technique is the right one when the clock is ticking? What are you looking forward to seeing next season?

Posted by:Lisa Todorovich