lie to me ep301 320 'Lie to Me': Is The Lightman Group headed for divorce?“Lie to Me” came back in fine form for its third season premiere Monday (Oct. 4), but we have a few worries.

Don’t get us wrong, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is his usual brilliant self. He’s also his usual obnoxious and quirky self — egomaniacal, talks with his mouth full of food, lurches all askew at people. So what’s wrong?

Spoilers! Season 3 premiere. Watch it. Now.

The whole bank heist and going undercover was lots of fun. No matter how much we know that this is a TV show, we’re always afraid that this is going to be the episode in which Lightman’s ability to read people and lie effectively fails him. He could have been made at any point, and all those moments in the bank gave us good reason for stress eating (Well, except when he was coming on to Blondie. That was awesome. We’d love to see him in a club).

No, what we’re worried about is the possible breakup of The Lightman Group. Yes, we know that creating some sort of tension is necessary to keep the show from becoming complacent and boring, but that doesn’t mean that we’re guaranteed a happy ending for all.

Lightman and Loker

Loker has had it. Apparently when he was out getting a new ‘do, he was also getting new cajones. We see this as Loker challenging the father figure (Lightman) and wanting to be his own man, call his own shots. He’s looking for a new job, yes, but a) Didn’t he just get promoted to VP? b) How can he turn his back on what could be with Torres?

lie to me kelli williams tim roth ep301 320 'Lie to Me': Is The Lightman Group headed for divorce?Lightman and Foster

Okay, when he said, “Funny, I remember hiring you, but I don’t remember
marrying you,” we thought that was just talk. Later when he threatens Foster that if she ever messes with his
money again, “we’re through,” boy did he seem serious as a myocardial
infarction. Mommy, Daddy, please don’t fight!

And what’s with him cosying up to the detective?

Lightman and the Grad Students

Okay, he seems to be getting along famously with Deaf Sarah. But is having her and Other Guy here like a Cousin Oliver situation too soon? Or is it more like The Squints from “Bones”? We don’t want to mess up the dynamic or have them try to fill the void if Loker leaves.

Lightman and Agent Reynolds

Hey, when your Brother from Another Mother has been critically wounded, all you have to say is “I’ve severed my ties with the FBI. I’m no one’s lap dog”? What does that mean? Is Reynolds dead or what? Grr, Lightman. You shouldn’t be able to get away with such cryptic statements. That would make for a very frustrating book to read.

How’d you like the Season 3 premiere?

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