kelli williams lie to me s3 'Lie to Me's' Kelli Williams wonders about David E. Kelley's 'Wonder Woman'Kelli Williams knows the wonders David E. Kelley can work for women.

Thus, the co-star of the just-resumed FOX Monday drama “Lie to Me” is eager to see what the multiple-Emmy-winning producer of her earlier series “The Practice” — as well as “Ally McBeal” and “Boston Legal” — will do with Wonder Woman. Kelley is building a new show around the iconic DC Comics character for corporate cousin Warner Bros. Television to market.

“David is such a great writer, and that was such a fantastic experience, he spoiled me,” Williams tells Zap2it. “He loved ‘Ally McBeal,’ because that really was linked into his humor, so maybe this will be a great thing for him. I’ll sure watch it! I’m very curious.”

In fact, Williams admits she “wanted to be Wonder Woman. I think I was her for Halloween three times when I was a kid.” And if Kelley called upon her to play the part again?

“Yeah … they’re gonna hire a 40-year-old Wonder Woman. I don’t think so, my friend. But who could fill those shoes (previously worn by Lynda Carter)? It’s like hearing they’re going to remake ‘Prime Suspect.’ How do you top Helen Mirren?” (NOTE: NBC has postponed that show for precisely that casting reason.)

Also starring Tim Roth, “Lie to Me” was set for a November return, but FOX moved up the timeline upon canceling “Lone Star” after two airings. “Our post-production staff has gone into overdrive,” Williams confirms. “They’re working like crazy to get the shows ready. They had only a few days to turn around the first episode.

“It’s so hard to get traction nowadays anyway, shows get pulled so quickly,” Williams adds. “I remember back when ‘The Practice’ was first on, ABC moved us around so many times, it was like they just wanted the show to die. But like The Little Show That Could, we kept sticking around until it really ‘popped’ in the second season. We’ve gone into this third season of ‘Lie to Me’ feeling that way, too.”

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Posted by:Jay Bobbin