lie to me s3 cast 320 'Lie to Me' premiere: 9 Things to expectDoesn’t it just seem like yesterday that “Lie to Me” had its season finale?

Well, maybe not literally, but it’s only been a few weeks. “Lie to Me” finished up Season 2 on Sept. 13 and intended to come back on Nov. 10. That truncated hiatus was shortened even more when “Lone Star” went to that big ranch in the cancellation sky after airing only two episodes. So Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and friends are back early for a Monday, Oct. 4 return.

Spoilers! Watch Season 2 before delving deeper. We have our eye on you and can tell if you’re cheating. There are also minor plot spoilers for the premiere below.

Season 3 kicks off with Lightman trying to prevent a bank robbery from happening. Meanwhile, there’s weird friction going on in The Lightman Group.

What else we can expect from the Season 3 premiere:

  • One of those in medias res then flashback-y beginnings.
  • No immediate news on Agent Reynolds‘ health. Damn you, “Lie to Me.”
  • Loker gets a haircut. This is important.
  • Torres eats a sandwich. This isn’t important, but it’s funny.
  • Evidence that Lightman does not need a wingman. He’s got a smooth tongue, that one.
  • Lightman shirks one of his responsibilities.
  • New blood! That’s all we’re sayin.’
  • The return of Det. Wolowski. Yeah, Lightman maced her last season.
  • No Emily yet, but she’s definitely part of this season.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen