tim roth lie to me ep219 320 'Lie to Me's' Tim Roth twitpics 'Chicken Legs'If you like to look inside an actor’s world, start following Tim Roth on Twitter.

The “Lie to Me” star only joined the microblogging movement on Aug. 11, but he’s making up for lost time.

The dude is going twitpic crazy (well, technically yfrog), and he’s constantly sharing photos of co-stars, his morning coffee and other pictures on the FOX set. Like minutiae? He’s got it. Tuesday night, he posted this one pic:

lie to me tim roth chicken 'Lie to Me's' Tim Roth twitpics 'Chicken Legs'Kelli Williams looks great, even in this dark and grainy photo. Other than that, it looks pretty unremarkable … except for that one director’s chair. Who in the world is “Chicken Legs”?

In response to all the queries, Roth explains via Twitter, “chicken legs is our fantastic one of a kid gaffer!!!”

A rep from FOX confirms that Chris Strong, gaffer extraordinaire, is Chicken Legs, so named for his skinny legs. The gaffer heads the electrical department on set. 

What other mysteries will Roth tweet next? We’ll be reading.

“Lie to Me” airs Mondays on FOX.

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Photo credits: FOX, Tim Roth

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen