life unexpected austin basis 320 'Life Unexpected': Austin Basis on the series' Season 2 renewalThe cast and crew of “Life Unexpected” finally got the thumbs up on a second season of the series this Tuesday (May 18) and, not surprisingly, all involved are over the moon.

Korbi TV got in touch with actor Austin Basis (Math) via email today to get his take on the good news…
First of all, how excited are you?
Austin Basis: I couldn’t be more more psyched!
How did you find out?
AB: I got a second hand email from Kris Polaha [who plays Baze] saying: “Congratulations! We did it!”
Any word on when you’ll begin filming the second season?
AB: No, not yet.
What are you hoping to see happen for Math in Season 2?
AB: A love interest… besides Cate!! And more scenes with Lux & Cate & the three Stooges (Baze, Math & Jamie).
Last time we talked, you mentioned that you and Shiri Appleby (Cate) really enjoyed working closely in the Winter Formal episode and were hoping for more of that. Think it’ll happen? How do you see the writers having it go down?
AB: Yes! I see them writing storylines with Math as confidante/liason between Cate & Baze, since they will probably need their “distance” so soon after the wedding.
As one of Baze’s lifelong friends, what do you think Math will say about his attempt to stop the wedding? 
AB: He will disapprove — as usual — but understand because he wishes he had the balls to do something like that. 

How do you think Baze will deal with Cate and Ryan’s marriage? How will Math deal with it, for that matter?
AB: Not well, he may turn to alcohol! I hope he will realize his hopes are over and run to the nearest singles bar and find a girlfriend!
Anything else you want to say, in honor of the second season renewal?
AB: I want to thank the fans around the world for supporting the show and getting us a second season! They’re the most loyal fans in the world!

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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh