austin basis life unexpected 320 'Life Unexpected's' Austin Basis on Math taking Cate on a date, being her confidanteLast we saw Cate Cassidy (Shiri Appleby), she wasn’t in such a great place. Her fiance had left her, her kid had ditched her to go live with dad, and a wedding dress — which, as of now, she has no use for — was just delivered.

Cue the tears.
Fortunately for Cate, there is a certain someone willing to be there for her. 
Her baby daddy’s best friend, Math, who’s been obsessed with her for years.

In this Monday’s (Mar. 15) episode, it’s Winter Formal time. Lux is going with Jones and Cate is chaperoning. Math sees this as an opportunity to live out his boyhood dream of spending some one-on-one time with her.
Austin Basis, who plays Math, tells us what’s up…

Can you talk about this week’s hour?
AB: It’s a great episode. I don’t want to say it’s a John Hughes tribute — I think “One Tree Hill” did that — but it’s an indirect throwback to a great 80s [film]. It culminates in a dance and is exploring all these feelings about growing up. It’s obviously updated a little, but it has that “Breakfast Club,” “Pretty in Pink” feel to it. 
Being a chaperone at the dance, Cate is basically returning to the place where Lux was conceived. It’s kind of like being in the belly of the beast, having all these flashbacks of high school and of Formal and all the things that went wrong. 
And how does Math fit into the equation?
AB: Well, it’s interesting how Cate says she reverts back to being a 16-year-old when she’s around Baze because I think the same goes for Math when he’s around Cate. She stays 32 and I kind of revert back to being 16. Even though I’m an adult now and [I have overcome] all the things that I was insecure about before — one of them being that I was 300 lbs. in high school — and there’s a maturity which allows me to help Cate deal with the distractions of Baze and Lux and Ryan, I still haven’t spent much time with her outside of the classroom in high school. So there’s a nice balance there between being a 16-year-old kid who’s possibly going on a date with his crush — he thinks it’s a date, I think it’s something different for her — but also the mature guy who’s trying to talk her down from the ledge. 
How did you like working with Shiri?
AB: We had so much fun shooting our scenes that as soon as we finished the episode, we went to [show creator] Liz [Tigelaar] — both of us, separately — and were like, We have to get more scenes together. And, you know, you don’t want to change the [storyline], but if we do get picked up for season two, I think there might be more. Like maybe I’ll be an objective confidante for Cate, which is something that Shiri suggested. [Laughs] I don’t know how that would work with me already being Baze’s confidante, but it would be interesting to almost be the interpreter between the two.
We agree.
Fingers crossed for a second season, during which we could watch that all go down…
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