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Life Unexpected” explores Lux and Ryan’s relationship, and Baze causes more trouble for Cate.

The main story of the night is Cate and Ryan dealing with the aftermath of their breakup. Their split has especially unfortunate timing, considering the station’s new advertising campaign revolving around their now-defunct wedding. Whoops! Of course, they are forced to lie and pretend they’re still together, which gets especially awkward when they have to host a wedding expo together.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more uncomfortable, Baze shows up, determined to harangue Ryan about his relationship with Lux. I sense a pattern each week, where either Cate or Baze gets uncomfortable with Lux’s relationship with another adult in her life and literally acts like an insane person about it. I understand why they are both insecure in their relationship with Lux, but they seriously need to chill.

The wedding expo ends with a big blowup between Ryan, Cate and Baze where Ryan realizes what we’ve all sort of known all along: Even though he’s handled the aftermath terribly, Baze isn’t the bad guy here. Cate made the mistake, and Cate needs to figure out why she did it before Cate and Ryan even have a shot again. After this episode, I admit I’m rooting for Cate and Ryan again! I’m such a flip-flopper!

Meanwhile, Lux has been in a funk since Bug split town. Baze is desperate to get her out of it (and to get her a real friend), so he bribes Jones into asking Lux out on a date. Baze has good intentions here, but you just know this is going to end badly, right? Jones
picks a seriously killer first date, though, surprising Lux by driving
her the three hours to see Tash. Well played, son. They have a lovely
time until Jones goes bonkers and confesses about how the entire thing
was a setup. Teenage boys are dumb.

In the end, Ryan shows up at Baze’s bar and they have a fantastic conversation and almost sort of, kind of, maybe, make up. It’s a miracle! Baze even lets go of his ego enough to ask Ryan for help in talking to Lux. Awww. They have surprisingly great talk, and both admit to missing Cate. Awww, again.

Random thoughts:

  • Loved Joe Purdy’s “Can’t Get it Right Today” as the opening track. He’s one of my favorite artists. Check him out! (Also: Schuyler Fisk at the end! Good stuff.)
  • Were those bands on Jones’ iPod real? If so, I am REALLY old because I haven’t heard of a one of them.
  • This was the first time I realized Math’s name is actually Matthew. Did we already know this?
  • One of my favorite things about this show is how each adult character has a different yet wonderful relationship with Lux. Baze is the fun dad who is great at making her feel better, Ryan is the “cool” guy she can talk with about cars and boys, and Cate is the mom who uses her own life experiences to dole out advice. They’re building great things here, character-wise.

Favorite quotes:

  • “I gotta admit, I was psyched about having Lux stay with us, but she’s so depressing. How long can she cry over a guy with a web on his neck?” – Baze
  • “Right. I made my bed, now I have to lie about it.” – Cate
  • “Don’t bother trying to fix us, Cate. Just fix yourself.” – Ryan

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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Carrie Raisler