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Life Unexpected” is the perfect description for Cate’s own life, as every bad decision she’s made in the past few weeks blows up in her face.

Cate is working on full cover-up panic mode, stemming from the whopper lie she told Ryan in the last episode regarding her and Baze’s sexual escapades. She fully admits she needs to tell Ryan the truth about her indiscretion, and yet spends the rest of the episode doing whatever she can to make sure she isn’t found out. It’s more than a little frustrating. In the end, she ends up spilling the beans herself because (in a “classic” television misunderstanding) she thinks Baze already did. Not surprisingly, Ryan completely blasts her for all of the lies and then ends the relationship. I want to feel sorry for Cate, I do…but she is really the epitome of “reaping what you sow” right now.

Lux and Tash are in a tailspin themselves because Tash is about to be placed in a foster home three hours away from Portland. In a bout of perfect television timing, Lux sees Tash’s deadbeat mom on the streets of Portland and manages to track her down. She’s living a new, better life now but rejects the idea of taking Tash in, saying she’s scared Tash will make her relapse because she reminds her of the past. Wow. Way harsh, Tash’s horrible mom. Lux asks Cate to let Tash live with them, but Cate refuses. Baze tries to step up to the plate by fixing up his apartment, but the social worker won’t allow Tash to stay with him. She does, however, let Lux now enjoy shared custody with both Cate and Baze. Lux takes this opportunity and runs with it, packing up and moving to Baze’s house immediately and leaving Cate all alone in her apartment, eating Rocky Road and drinking red wine.

OK. I kind of feel sorry for Cate. But just a little bit.

Random thoughts:

  • Cate and Ryan are both wrong. The best breakup song ever is obviously “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”
  • I’ve decided I really don’t like the theme song. It’s just so…on the nose.
  • Baze’s new “room” for Lux is very cute and sweet, but not all that private. I’m not sure I would want to have a room in the living room of a place where three grown men live.

Favorite quotes:

  • “You are so “Days of Our Lives,” I’m going to have to start tuning in at one to watch you.” – Alice
  • “Math’s girlfriend is here.” – Jamie, about Cate
  • “Listen to me, you are a bartender. You stand for a living. You’re a professional stander. You going to let yourself get beat by one of these weekend amateurs?” – Jamie
  • “I don’t know, Ryan looks pretty formidable. He’s got calves the size of hams!” – Math
  • “I’m not just leaving the contest. I’m leaving you.” – Ryan

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler