zach levi chuck return 320 'Life Unexpected,' 'Chuck,' 'Human Target': The shows you want to keepThe people have spoken — by the thousands. And it’s clear from your votes in Zap2it’s 2010 Bubblewatch polls that you like your action, your family drama and a little bit of crime-solving, particularly if it involves a certain ex-“Firefly” captain.

Of the 22 shows we considered on the bubble for renewal next season, you voted to keep 10 of them. Several were no surprise — as it was last year, “Chuck” was one of the big winners, with 79 percent of more than 7,000 votes on saying “keep it” — while The CW’s “Life Unexpected” and “One Tree Hill” also brought out the vote in large numbers.

The biggest “keep it” margin went to “Castle.” ABC picked up the show for 2010-11 not long after our poll went live, but before that 89 percent of the nearly 8,000 people who voted gave it a thumbs-up.

At the other end of the “keep” spectrum is ABC’s “FlashForward,” which has the most votes of any show in the Bubblewatch — more than 11,000 — but also one of the most divided results. As of noon PT Tuesday (April 6), 52 percent had voted to keep it and 48 percent to kill it.

Then there’s “Cold Case.” The veteran CBS series is so on the bubble that it’s almost an even split — 3,502 for and 3,540 against. Voting will remain open for the rest of the week, so if you want to vote something up, tell your friends. Here are the complete results of the shows you want to keep, as of noon PT Tuesday.


“Castle”: 7,976 votes. Keep it: 7,068 (89 percent). Kill it: 908 (11 percent).

“Chuck”: 7,044 votes. Keep it: 5,574 (79 percent). Kill it: 1,470 (21 percent).

“Human Target”: 6,351 votes. Keep it: 4,607 (73 percent). Kill it: 1,744 (27 percent).

“Life Unexpected”: 5,844 votes. Keep it: 3,943 (67 percent). Kill it: 1,901 (33 percent).

Solid wins

“Parenthood”: 6,074 votes. Keep it: 3,792 (62 percent). Kill it: 2,282 (38 percent).

“One Tree Hill”: 8,077 votes. Keep it: 4,857 (60 percent). Kill it: 3,220 (40 percent).

“V”: 10,763 votes. Keep it: 6,305 (59 percent). Kill it: 4,458 (41 percent).

“Lie to Me”: 5,988 votes. Keep it: 3,315 (55 percent). Kill it: 2,673 (45 percent).

“Medium”: 7,030 votes. Keep it: 3,769 (54 percent). Kill it: 3,261 (46 percent).

Close call

“FlashForward”: 11,051 votes. Keep it: 5,708 (52 percent). Kill it: 5,343 (48 percent).

Dead heat

“Cold Case”: 7,042 votes. Keep it: 3,502 (49.73 percent). Kill it: 3,540 (50.27 percent).

Coming Wednesday: Tallies for the shows you want to disappear.

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