life-unexpected-cast-320.jpgIf you’re watching “Life Unexpected” (Monday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW), you know that the love triangle of Ryan-Cate-Baze — otherwise known as boyfriend-girlfriend-baby daddy — is kind of a big deal.

There’s this great guy (Ryan) who wants to be everything to his girl, but his girl (Cate) has this chemistry with this sexy guy (Baze) … who impregnated her in high school. And they kinda sorta had sex again after the long lost spawn came back into their lives a couple weeks ago.

So, yeah …

I’m sure you all have your opinions about whom Cate should be with, but show creator Liz Tigelaar has an opinion too.

“She belongs with Ryan,” Tigelaar says in the clip below. “[Baze]’s complicating it. It doesn’t mean
she’ll end up with Ryan. It doesn’t mean she’ll end up with Baze. But I
think you can’t look at the situation and not think that Cate belongs
with Ryan. Ryan is a great guy. He’s everything that a healthy, well
adjusted reasonable person would want … which is the problem (laughs).”

Yes, Cate isn’t quite a grown up yet and that could indeed be Ryan’s biggest problem.

“[Ryan] does have his own kind of flaws in that he thinks people can change and
he thinks she’s, on some level, maybe better than who she is.”

And the Baze business is clearly a result of Cate not yet being a big girl … just as Baze isn’t exactly a big boy yet.

“Cate and Baze are just peas in a pod,” Tigelaar explains. “They’re like reluctant peas in a pod.”

So will Ryan soon find out about Cate and Baze’s bedroom time?

technically did not do anything wrong. Let me just defend Cate. She, so
far, has not lied to [Ryan]. Because he hasn’t asked. And they were
technically on a break. Right now, Cate’s rationalized herself to be in the clear. But I mean, of course yes, it will all [come out and it will] be a disaster.”


Team Ryan or Team Baze?

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