life unexpected shiri appleby britt robertson 320 'Life Unexpected' doesn't receive back nine, E.P. hopes for a 'satisfying last episode'When it was announced that “One Tree Hill,” “Hellcats,” and “Nikita” received full-season orders from The CW, there was one glaring omission: “Life Unexpected.” It has now been confirmed by Deadline that “Life Unexpected” will end its second season after just 13 episodes.

The network isn’t officially canceling the series — they’ll hold that decision until May — so a potential Season 3 isn’t completely off the table. However, insiders believe it’s likely that the show will air its series finale this January.

The quirky family drama has been largely praised by critics, but has been the lowest-rated series on The CW this fall. Zap2it visited executive producer Liz Tigelaar on set over the summer, where we talked to her about the dilemma she faced as a writer when approaching a potentially truncated season.

“To me, the arc of the first season was very much a setup for the series. We bookended it. It began with a proposal, and ended with a wedding. We don’t have a plan like that for the second season. Our stories are much more open ended,” she says. “If we don’t get picked up, I don’t anticipate being able to wrap up these stories quickly. I’ll hopefully be able to do a satisfying last episode, but it’s not going to be where everything wraps up like a series finale. There’s no two endings for Episode 13 in case [we don’t get picked up]. We barely have time to shoot one ending!”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie