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Life Unexpected” explores the age-old question: Why do high school dances always seem to end in tears?

This episode is all about the winter formal. Jones kicks things off by asking Lux to go “as friends.” Although still on the outs with Lux, Cate is excited because she gets to take Lux shopping for a dress. Lux still impossibly short with her, however, and they get into it while shopping.

Math is geared up about the dance because Baze has told Math to go for it with Cate now that she’s single, so he decides to ask Cate to chaperone with him. This way, she gets to see Lux in her dress. Oh, Math. I don’t think Cate thinks this invitation is as date-like as you think it is, but you are sweet.

As Lux is getting ready for the dance, Bug shows up and he and Lux make up. Baze comes home and brings Cate’s sister Abby over for a sex talk, which they have while Bug is hiding half-naked underneath Lux’s bed. Um … too late? By like a lot? Bug overhears all of their talk about Jones and of course takes it the wrong way and storms off. While storming off he leaves a condom behind and Baze later finds it, assuming it belongs to Jones. At the dance Baze confronts them, and the whole truth comes out and Jones is none too pleased.

Cate then takes all of her resurfacing feelings about winter formal and unloads them on Baze, and both Cate and Lux end up near tears together, commiserating about their awful winter formal experiences. They share a nice moment where they admit they miss each other, only to be interrupted by Bug showing up at the dance and asking for one last chance from Lux. She seems happy, but is she outgrowing Bug?

For her part, Cate processes all of her old feelings of resentment and anger toward Baze and decides to forgive him and start over as friends. Of course, when she showed up, Baze was in bed with her sister, but she kind of doesn’t know that part of the story yet. I’m guessing T-minus two episodes until that little nugget of truth comes out!

Random thoughts:

  • Lux looked beautiful in her dress and I LOVED the shoes. Dress shoes are for suckers.
  • Is Baze going to storm into a situation every week half-cocked and on a mission, only to ultimately annoy everyone and make a fool of himself?
  • Hearing Cate talk about how Baze made her feel after he rejected her in high school was heartbreaking and very illuminating for her character. It was also good to soften her up a bit after a few weeks where she came off as a bit unlikable. And high school Baze was kind of a jerk, huh?
  • Abby and Baze. Um, NO. Are they trying to send Lux directly to therapy?

Favorite quotes:

  • “I’m a little tired. Driving everyone you love out of your life is pretty exhausting.” – Cate
  • “C’mon Math, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sleep with Cate. Again.” – Baze
  • “God, just being back in this gym makes my boobs hurt. It’s like I can feel the dodge balls nailing me in the chest.” – Cate
  • “It’s funny, no matter how much something seems to be about me it always ends up about them.” – Lux, about Cate and Baze
  • “I had a boyfriend. Named Bug. That I was going to live with.” – Lux, when Baze questions her (lack of) virginity

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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Carrie Raisler