life unexpected home inspec 'Life Unexpected': Lux gets a home

Life Unexpected” deftly deals with the trials and tribulations of suddenly acquiring a teenager in this very solid second episode.

The episode picks up a few days post-Lux’s birthday party, with both Cate and Baze struggling to adjust to their new roles as parents. The first big hurdle in their journey is to pass home inspections from the social worker to ensure their homes are both suitable places to raise Lux.

As you might expect, Baze is having a bit more difficulty than Cate with the intricacies of the plan. Things are usually more difficult when you’re drunk all of the time. What he lacks in foresight he makes up in ingenuity, though, as evidenced by his commitment to driving Lux to school in a cab when he’s too blasted to take her himself. Unfortunately, this lack of foresight does come back to bite him when the social worker finds several infractions at his house, including a lamp made out of a giant bong and a life-sized blow up sheep doll clad in a bra and panties. (Seriously, why does that exist in life?)

Meanwhile, Lux’s world expands a bit when we learn she has friends! Her back story gets even richer when it is revealed that she wasn’t planning on getting emancipated and living on her own, but instead had designs to move in with her boyfriend Bug, her best friend Tash and Tash’s boyfriend Gavin. That sounds like quite the functional household, no? The problem is that Lux didn’t expect to be wanted by her birth parents and obviously wants to stay living with them, which causes friction between her and her friends. Tash in particular feels betrayed.

Although Cate is on track getting her living quarters ready for Lux, mentally she is still trying to catch up with her current circumstances. This is especially evident when dealing with Baze (and the aftermath of their little dalliance in the pilot) and DJ partner/fiance Ryan. Although Ryan is incredibly supportive of her decision, the radio station she works for is less enthused. They even go so far as to have her read a statement on the air denying she was ever pregnant in high school. Of course, Lux hears this confession and tells the social worker she doesn’t want to live with her birth parents. She’s only swayed when Ryan shows her the room he and Cate worked so hard to build for her and Cate sincerely promises Lux she wants her in her life, and even goes back on the air the next day and fesses up to being a mom.

Once more, with feeling: awwwww. Are we going to have an aww moment every week? All signs point to yes!

Random thoughts:

  • Last week when I mentioned wanting Lux to have some female friends, I’m not sure I meant Tash. She’s a bit…intense.
  • Lux’s boyfriend’s name is Bug? That’s a name? Bug, Lux, Tash, Baze. Someone on the writing staff is obsessed with strange one-syllable names.
  • Putting a poster of the band you conceived your daughter to on her wall? Um, CREEPY, Cate! Also, once she hears The Spindoctors, Lux is likely to never trust your taste on anything ever again.
  • Lux = light. I was curious as to who named her, and it turns out to be a nurse at the hospital where she was born.
  • I really don’t understand how Cate and Ryan keep their relationship a secret if they are so easily recognizable. Do they never go out in public together?

Favorite quotes:

  • “The only thing between us is the lingering smell of your Axe body spray.” – Cate, to Baze
  • “I recognize you from the billboards. The, uh, super slutty ones.” – Tash, to Cate

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler