shiri appleby kristoffer polaha life unexpected rent uncollected 320 'Life Unexpected': Meet the (grand)parentsLife Unexpected” broadens its familial horizons with an impromptu dinner party featuring the entire extended Unexpected clan. Yeah, that goes just about as well as you think it would.

After her epiphany in the last episode, Cate is now shouting Lux’s existence loud and clear on the airwaves. As it turns out, when you reveal personal things about your life on a popular morning radio show, people tend to hear! In this case, Baze’s father (Robin Thomas) hears about Lux’s very existence and is none too happy about
the news. He forces everyone to have dinner together so he can
figure out how to “bail Baze out” of this mess, even though at no time does Baze indicate he needs any such bailing. Grandpa Bazile kind of sucks,
y’all. Cate’s mother and sister (Cynthia Stevenson and Alex Breckenridge) unexpectedly show up at the dinner as well, and the whole ordeal turns into an all-out ambush on Cate and Baze, with everyone trying to influence them to give up Lux. Oh, and this happens while Lux is at the table with them. Rude much?

The entire ordeal ends with Lux storming out and Grandpa Bazile taking the bar back from Baze since Baze can’t make rent and is generally a terrible disappointment. Amazingly, Lux later rounds up $3,200 and pays Baze’s rent and gives Grandpa Bazile a talking to while she’s at it, starting him on the path to change his mind about Baze.

In other awkward parenting moves news, Cate and Baze learn how terrible Lux’s school is and Cate immediately
enrolls Lux at her and Baze’s
alma mater. Lux resists the move because she doesn’t want
to leave Tash, which Cate doesn’t quite understand. Baze points out that Tash and the other kids are the equivalent of Lux’s family, and Cate sees the light and realizes she needs to accept them as well as Lux. The episode ends with Baze and Cate having a street kid dinner party (a.k.a. hot dogs cooked over a trash-can fire) with Lux’s “family”: Bug, Tash and Gavin. You guys, I’m going to say it AGAIN: Awwww. Seriously. Too. Many. Awws.

Random thoughts:

  • Great stuff from Kristoffer Polaha tonight. It’s pretty much de rigeur
    for a character in a family drama to have severe parental issues, but
    even though it’s a bit trite I am game if it gives us more scenes
    like the one at the Bazile dinner table.
  • So…which came first? The name “Bug” or the spider web tattoo?

Favorite quotes:

  • “If the state prison had a feeder school, this would be it.” – Lux
  • “A guy named Bug didn’t raise some concerns?” – Nate
  • “Yeah, that would be really of messy if Baze was my high school crush, your baby daddy AND Mom’s fifth husband.” – Abby

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Photo credit: The CW
Posted by:Carrie Raisler