lux britt stand taken 'Life Unexpected' preview: Lux's shocking testimony could change everythingWhen “Life Unexpected” premiered, it was marketed on buses and billboards as “‘Juno’ meets ‘Gilmore Girls’.” Tuesday’s Dec. 7 episode, “Stand Taken,” proves that “Life Unexpected” can’t be lumped in with the adorably quirky teenage pregnancy-related comedies that came before it.

Last week, the whole gang’s Thanksgiving was interrupted by the Portland police bursting in to take Tasha (Ksenia Solo) into custody after she hit Trey, Lux’s former foster father.

When the state department decides to press charges against Tasha, the whole family rallies around her to support her. When Zap2it last spoke to Britt Robertson, she told us firmly that despite her recent preoccupation with Eric (Shawn Sipos), Tasha is still one of the most important people in Lux’s life.

“They’re each other’s beginning,” Robertson says. “Tasha’s the one person in Lux’s
life that I think she really, really, completely trusts. She’s been
Lux’s family since she was seven years old. You’ll see
in the next episode that their relationship continues to grow. Despite
all of their mistakes, they’ll always be there for each other.”

When Lux is asked to testify in Tasha’s case, she hesitates, concerned that revealing the truth about her time in foster care will push Eric away and make her family look at her differently. The lengths that Lux goes to to keep her past in the past may not only jeopardize her relationships, but could land Tasha in a federal penitentiary.

Lux’s testimony is so shocking that a courtroom brawl breaks out — but the person who lands the first punch will surprise you. The hits just keep on coming after that. If you think things have settled down, don’t get too comfortable – there’s a reveal in the final moments of the episode that could prove to be devastating to one of our favorite characters.

We don’t want to give too much away, but suffice to say that “Stand Taken” is easily the series’ most powerful episode. You’ll see characters you thought you knew in an entirely different light. Robertson and Kristoffer Polaha in particular give performances that are subtly heartbreaking – arguably the best of their respective careers.

Basically, if you don’t cry… we think you should get your tear ducts examined.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie