life unexpected 0405 320 'Life Unexpected': Road tripLife Unexpected” takes it on the road as Cate confronts her absentee father and Baze confronts his growing feelings for Cate.

After last episode’s declaration that the wedding is in two weeks, Cate is frantically preparing for the upcoming nuptials. I guess two weeks really means two weeks! While going through a box of her old things at her mother’s house, she finds a stack of birthday cards from her father that her mother apparently never gave to her. Upon questioning, Cate learns the entire story of why her father left was a lie, so she decides to visit him to find the truth. Cate, Baze and Lux end up making it a family road trip to his house in Tahoe, complete with too many bathroom breaks, silly music montages and bad road food.

Cate finally arrives at her father’s (Peter Horton) house and he recognizes her immediately, which seems unlikely, but hey! It’s TV! Things seem to go well and Cate takes the reins and goes full speed with the relationship right away, inviting him to her wedding and making plans to ask him to walk her down the aisle. Baze warns her to be more cautious, which naturally makes her blow up at him and causes him to leave. Also, naturally, Cate’s dad completely flakes and leaves Cate and Lux stranded at their hotel. Cate goes to his house and confronts him, and he says he can’t be who she wants him to be because, like, it’s too much of a time commitment. Or something like that. Wow, jerky. Have fun fishing alone for the rest of your life! (Also: Now that your children are grown, those excuses just won’t cut it. Again: jerky!) Baze saves the day by showing up at his house to help pick up the pieces and take Cate and Lux home.

Baze spends the trip confronting new, actual feelings for Cate after his fake confession of feelings in the last episode. Lux
notices these feelings on their road trip and asks Baze how long he’s
had them. He admits its been a while, but instead of wishing for them to go away he is now embracing them because he
loves how they seemed like a family on the trip. Lux agrees and appears to welcome his feelings for Cate. Oh boy. This is going to get

And now it’s time for the “Aww” moment of the week! Lux signs her adoption papers to make Cate and Baze her official, legal parents. They even exchange “I love yous.” All together now: awwwwwwwwww.

Random thoughts:

  • Cate’s mother is played by Cynthia Stevenson, who is not quite old enough to realistically play Shiri Appleby’s mother. They’re 16 years apart so yes, it is biologically feasible, but not likely.
  • The road trip montage was a bit cliche but oh so fun. Not so fun? The BLATANT State Farm product placement. Holy awkward, Batman!
  • What is up with Baze’s Starship obsession? No one likes “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” that much. Not even my mom, and she loves it like nobody’s business.
  • What do you guys think of Baze’s decision to embrace his feelings for Cate? Do you want him to stop Cate and Ryan’s wedding? Or should he just leave it alone?

Favorite quotes:

  • “Is it weird to want to smell someone?” – Baze
  • “Did you just sniff me?” – Cate

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