lux cast gallery cw 'Life Unexpected': Why is Baze in the hospital?“Life Unexpected’s” Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) is having a terrible, horrible, no-good very bad summer. First he crashes and burns while attempting to break up Cate’s (Shiri Appleby) wedding — she sticks to her guns and marries Ryan (Kerr Smith) despite Baze’s grand gesture.

It gets worse. When Season 2 kicks off on September 14, he’s landed himself in the hospital! We’re not sure what his ailment is, but it’s serious enough to get Cate to stop by during visiting hours and dole out some platitudes. (She’s looking stunning, by the way – apparently marriage agrees with her!)

“I just want to know that you don’t hate me,” Baze tells her. Aww. Who could hate that face?

When we spoke with Liz Tigelaar last May, she said that despite Cate’s marriage, she and Lux (Britt Robertson) and Baze will still function as a family. “Whereas in the first season they’re all tacking their own individual
obstacles and conflicts and inner demons, in the second season they’ll
tackle things more as a family. They’re a unit now,” Tigelaar explains.

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Photo credit: CW.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie