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Any “Life Unexpected” scoop? -Karen
This week’s (Mar. 1) episode is huge. For Cate, especially. The two most important relationships in her life will take drastic turns.
How long can Cate go without Ryan realizing she lied to him about sleeping with Baze? -P
Not much longer, my friend.
Hey, thanks for supporting my new favorite show. “Life Unexpected” is the highlight of Mondays for me. Any information on that Ryan-Baze blowup we saw in the previews? -Jeff
The lie that Cate told Ryan last week is the catalyst for the punch Ryan throws. Basically, both guys are feeling threatened by the other. Ryan thinks Baze made a play for his girl and Baze thinks Ryan’s trying to replace him as Lux’s dad. 
Hey Korbi, Can you tell me anything about the next “Life Unexpected”? -Nicole
This is the episode that focuses on Lux’s best friend Tasha and her backstory. What happens with Tasha in this week’s hour will indirectly cause a major rift between Cate and Lux. Things for Baze, on the other hand, are looking up. The joint custody which Lux’s case worker denied to him in January may just be back on the table…
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