life-unexpected-trio-320.jpgMy inbox is pleased. It has received more than a few questions regarding the CW’s new series “Life Unexpected” and it sounds as though you’re loving it just like we are.

Answers to a few of your queries…

I really enjoyed the storyline with Bug and Tasha and Tasha’s boyfriend on the last “Life Unexpected” episode. Bug is soooooooo hot!! Is he going to be a regular part of the show? Please say yes. And what about Tasha and her bf? -Katherine

Show creator Liz Tigelaar tells me Tasha’s bf, Gavin, will be back, but more toward the end of the season. Both Bug and Tasha, however, are a big part of the series. Lux’s
friendship with Tasha and her relationship with Bug will continue to be challenged because of the new life she’s living and we’ll get to watch that all play out.

But, Bug fans, beware. Liz says our girl Lux is getting another love interest whom she describes as a “Mini Baze.” He’s played by “Zoey 101” actor Austin Butler and he’ll turn up the week after next. He’s also very pretty to look at though, I think you’ll be pleased.

Will we be seeing more of Cate and Baze’s family? Cate’s mom and sister seem like a lot of fun while Baze’s dad is a jerk, but I found all of them to be an interesting part of the show. Also, do you know where I recognize Cate’s crazy sister from? -Jeffrey

Cate’s sister Abby is played by Alexandra Breckenridge. I remember her from Courteney Cox‘s FX show, “Dirt”, but she’s been around: “CSI,” “The Ex-List,” “Buffy,” “Dawson’s Creek” and the list goes on. We’ll see a lot more of her toward the middle to the end of the season as well as more of Cate’s mom Laverne (Cynthia Stevenson) closer to the finale. Cate’s dad will surface too and he’s being played by Peter Horton (“thirtysomething”). As for Baze’s dad (Robin Thomas), yes, the two will struggle to work their issues out for some time.

Any scoop about what’s coming up on “Life Unexpected”? It’s my new favorite show. -P

Lux is about to get suspended from school for selling that sick — I mean that in a good way — bong lamp. Lux’s principle, p.s., is played by Merrilyn Gann, whom “Everwood” fans will recognize as Rose Abbott.

Will Baze’s friends get their own story lines? Seems the show will have to eventually deal with Math’s crush on Cate right? -GilmoreFan53

Indeed. I’m told Math will take Cate to Lux’s winter formal dance.

That should be interesting, no?

People, please spread the word about “Life Unexpected” which airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on the CW, okay?

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