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Life Unexpected” passes a major soap milestone and sends its lead characters to jail … and it only took five episodes!

Cate’s neurosis of the episode: Is she less fun than Baze? Well, the short answer there is yes, but let’s see where they take it, shall we?

Her anxiety stems from the fact that Lux spends almost all of her time at Baze’s doing fun things like refereeing churro-eating contests, and very little time home at Cate’s. Because Cate can’t stand to think Lux likes Baze more, she invites herself to a party Lux is throwing for some kids at Westmonte over at Baze’s house. Her desire to prove everyone wrong about her fun nature causes her to make huge parenting mistake No. 143, when she engages in a game of beer pong with Lux’s friends. I’m not sure how on earth that seemed like a good idea, but OK! Go Cate, I guess!

Meanwhile, Lux takes advantage of Baze’s laid-back nature (and desire to be the exact opposite parent of his father) by stealing a keg from Baze’s bar and serving it to all of her friends. Inevitably, the party turns a bit wild and Baze is forced to break it up and send everyone home, yelling at Lux about how he could lose his bar if they were caught. Yeah, really bad decision-making from Lux there.

Things get worse when a blown-off Tash and Bug show up at the party and Bug offers to relocate the party somewhere else for them … and then steals the hunky quarterback’s car (with Lux in the passenger seat). It all spirals into a web of ridiculousness when Bug and Lux get pulled over and arrested, and Cate and Baze try to explain to the cop and get arrested themselves. That was stupid. They do have a nice talk in their shared jail cell where Baze assures Cate that Lux only sees him as her doofy older brother, and respects Cate. It’s all very touching, until Baze’s dad bails them out.

On their way home from jail, Baze reaches out to his father in an attempt to repair their relationship. His father initially rejects the overture, but in the end shows up at Baze’s bar and has a drink with him. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s our “aww” moment of the night!

Random thoughts:

  • It’s time for a series status check. Again, I feel like the show is treading on familiar ground this week and not bringing many new colors to the table. For me, the most interesting aspects of the show are Baze’s relationship with his father and Lux’s struggle to balance her two worlds, between her long-time friends Bug and Tash and her desire to fit in at her new school with the hunky quarterback. Beyond that, all of the relationships seem so defined and set already that they are a little less compelling. (Baze and Cate have potential, but I feel strange rooting for them for some reason.) What I really want is for the series to get to the highs it hit in that dinner table scene with all of Baze and Cate’s extended families. There were true emotional stakes there, and it was very compelling. What do you guys think?
  • My favorite shot of the night had to be at the carnival, when the camera panned down to show how Baze left all of his trash still sitting on the table, which was located right next to a trash can. Probably inadvertent, but it made me laugh all the same.
  • People play beer pong with paddles? I did not know this.

Favorite quotes:

  • “Yes, I will be wearing whatever says, ‘Stop calling me foster freak!'” – Lux
  • “Please tell me this is a surprise party and everyone is hiding.” – Alice
  • “Beer pong? Let’s do it: Uninvited street urchins vs. Abercrombie and bitch!” – Tash

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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Carrie Raisler