britt robertson upfronts 'Life Unexpected's' Britt Robertson talks 'Secret Circle's' CassieWe loved Britt Robertson in the gone-too-soon series “Life Unexpected,” so we were thrilled when we found out she’d be back on The CW in a whole new role as Cassie, the protagonist of “The Secret Circle,” a witchy drama in the “Vampire Diaries” vein.

On “Life Unexpected,” Britt’s character was a foster kid who had a pretty traumatic childhood. When we first meet Cassie, she couldn’t be more different. “In the beginning of the show… she has a really great relationship with her mom,” Britt tells us. “They’re super close and she lives a completely normal lifestyle. Pretty quickly into it, you realize that her mom — well, she dies.  So she has to go and live with her grandmother and she’s thrown into some new circumstances.”

In that way, Britt says that Cassie and Lux do share some parallels, which Britt says makes her job a little bit easier. “It’s nice to not be like, ‘Oh, well I’m a completely new person now!’ So it won’t exactly throw people off… but it’s totally different. It’s such a different show. It’s very supernatural and exciting.”

Check out the red carpet video below for much more from Britt about “The Secret Circle.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie