kerr smith life unexpected 'Life Unexpected's' Kerr Smith: 'People are going to fall in love with it'“Life Unexpected” hasn’t yet aired one episode but star Kerr Smith says he’s certain they’re getting a second season.

“This show is very old-school WB. It brings back the old roots, the
kind of show like ‘Dawson’s’ or ‘Felicity’ that really made The WB what
it is. In my opinion, The CW really needs to hang on to that,” the actor tells Zap2it.

“Actually, I’ll just say it: I’m not even worried about [getting a season 2]. I’ve been doing this a long time and it’s so rare when you feel this way about a project. Everything is falling into place. The people, the material. We’re a big family up here after only four months and I have no doubt that people are going to fall in love with it.”

“Life” is just about ready to finish filming the 13-episode first
season. The cast and crew have only two episodes left to shoot, which
will see them wrapping just two weeks after the series premiere on Monday, Jan. 18.

So how is Smith (who plays Ryan, radio co-host and boyfriend to Shiri Appleby’s Cate) going to spend the interim? “I’m looking at a couple movies. It would be great if I could get something, but it’s so hard with such a short window. And hopefully I’ll be going back to — excuse me, I will be going back to work in July,” Smith laughs.

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