While The CW hasn’t officially canceled “Life Unexpected,” there’s a good chance that tonight’s two-hour Season 2 finale event may be the last we see of the Basile-Cassidy-Thomas family, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to hang out backstage at the KTLA Morning Show with stars Kristoffer Polaha and Shiri Appleby when they stopped by to film a segment.

At the news desk, Polaha and Appleby kept it clean, but once we got back to the green room, all hell broke loose. Ladies and gentlemen, the video below may not be entirely safe for work… and we love it.

Creator Liz Tigelaar told Zap2it that the finale will see Cate and Baze discovering Lux’s (Britt Robertson) relationship with her teacher, Eric Daniels. Appleby teases, “Personally, I am proud that my daughter has come up with a way to figure out how to suceed in life. She has ensured a way to get good grades, get into a good college – she knows the man in power, and she’s going through to the top. She’s not worrying herself with random sixteen year old boys that are going to be mean to her. She’s baggin’ an older man!”

Because the show wasn’t picked up for the back nine episodes, Appleby — whose character is pregnant with a blueberry — avoided the discomfort of wearing a giant pregnancy belly on set – but she did swipe the pregnancy bra she had to wear, she confesses.

“Because somebody the other day asked me if I got a boob job!” she laughs. “It’s like one of those Victoria Secrets, padded and then more pads, so your breasts are like… up to here.”

You’ll have to forgive Polaha for his confusion – he and his wife, Julianne Morris, welcomed a new baby on Jan 2. Jude joined big brothers Caleb (6) and Micah (4) in the fam – awww.

Speaking of adorableness, when the interview takes an only slightly more serious turn — thanks to Polaha taking over interview duties (he’s multitalented) — the co-stars share some behind-the-scenes fun from the “Life Unexpected” cast, who have become quite the little family over their two seasons of shooting in Vancouver. “More so, even, off-camera, than we were on-camera,” Appleby says.

“I have to tell this story because it speaks to the character of these people,” Polaha interrupts. He shares that when little Micah performed in a pre-school play on Thanksgiving morning (they’re in Canada, remember), Polaha asked his co-stars to come join the audience to support him. “It wasn’t so much a request as it was a ‘You guys have got to be there! Micah’s expecting you’ and they’re like, ‘We will rally,'” he says.

“And my car got stuck in the snow!” Appleby says. “We came to the play, we all had Thanksgiving together, and then we all left in the morning and drove home. If you want to know what the experience was like on the show, we could’ve all left on the show to be with our families, but we all stayed.”

Catch the video interview above for more sweet stories from Polaha and Appleby… and also to find out why Cate and Lux are both “sluxy,” with a detailed description of just how far Lux and Mr. Daniels have gone… and some dish on the three-eared father of Cate’s baby.

Yes, this was our favorite interview ever. Yes, it may contain questionable language.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie