ClaireIsland “Raised by Another” made my pre-Season 5 all-time top ten “Lostepisode list, and for good reason. Not only did it give us the first hint that things off the Island were as bizarre as they were on it, but it also presented the start of an arc that will finally pay off in Season 6: the importance of the relationship between Claire and Aaron.

“Raised” contains two moments pertinent to the “Light vs. Dark” series. Next week, I’ll look at psychic Richard Malkin’s sudden change of heart regarding Claire’s need to raise her child. But today, I want to look at the dream that started the episode. Not only is it one of the creepiest scenes the show ever pulled off, but just might have a clue to the eventual end game of this particular plot.

The Episode:Raised by Another

The Scene: Claire has a dream in which she is no longer pregnant. She hears a baby crying in the near distance. As she walks towards the sound, she sees John Locke at Richard Malkin’s table. He’s laying tarot cards down one by one. When she asks what’s going on, he replies, “He was your responsibility but you gave him away, Claire. Everyone pays the price now.” He looks up at her with one eye fully white, the other fully black. Startled, she moves again towards the crying, and finds a crib filled with a thick pool of blood.

The Case for Jacob: “Look, for reasons that will become clear, your connection to your unborn son is key to my master plan. The Man in Black will kill me soon enough. I can’t stop that. But what I can do is set in motion a few things to ensure he can’t actually win. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tell some people to build a runway. It’s a long story.”

The Case for The Man in Black: “In the immortal words of the band The Offspring, I gotta keep ’em separated. Yes, I like The Offspring. Stop looking at me that way. Well, I wouldn’t travel to see them live, no. But they still have about a half dozen excellent songs. Look, that’s not important: I need to get Claire separated from Aaron. I already see that Charlie’s going to be a problem, so I’ll have to deal with him as well. But first thing’s first: feed into her innate fear of motherhood and twist the knife via fever dream.”

The Zap2it Opinion: Tough call. You could make a strong case either way. I’m really hoping the show doesn’t drop the ball on this plot come Season 6 the way they have apparently dropped the ball on Walt’s storyline. Claire’s disappearance cast a long shadow over Season 5, and with Kate’s confirmed reason for returning to reunite Aaron with his mother, the pieces seem to be in place to finish what the show started in the fist half of Season 1. With that in mind, I am choosing to look at this dream as a warning from Jacob, not a scare tactic by the Man in Black.

What do you think?

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Posted by:Ryan McGee