holt mccallany lights out 'Lights Out': Get the full back story on FX's excellent new boxing dramaFX debuts its latest series, “Lights Out,” on Tuesday night, and in lieu of a full review, we’ll tell you this: It’s really good.

The story of a former heavyweight champion (Holt McCallany) who walked away from the ring five years ago but is feeling the pressure to return, the show blends the beats of a boxing redemption story with that of a family drama: McCallany’s Patrick “Lights” Leary has a wife (Catherine McCormack) and three daughters who fear for his safety if he returns to the ring.

Lights’ boxing life is also a family affair: His father (Stacy Keach) is his trainer, and his brother (Pablo Schreiber) manages him.

FX and the show’s producers (including “In Treatment’s” Warren Leight) have also done something pretty remarkable as a way of getting audiences into “Lights Out”: Below, you can watch a nearly 18-minute faux documentary speculating about why Lights left the sport and soliciting thoughts from the show’s other characters (as well as a few real-life athletes, thrown in for verisimilitude’s sake).

It’s a really cool piece of marketing, and also a very well-produced way to draw viewers in. The prequel documentary (broken into four parts) is below; “Lights Out” premieres at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday on FX.

Posted by:Rick Porter