lights out fx 320 'Lights Out': Holt McCallany shows the softer side of the tough guyAs “Friday Night Lights” prepares to take the field for the last time, those of us who are unhealthily over-invested in Coach Taylor are looking for something to numb the pain that will inevitably follow “FNL’s” final episode.

FX’s “Lights Out” may be an unexpected contender. Holt McCallany plays Patrick “Lights” Leary, a former heavyweight boxing champion with an itch to return to the ring to support his wife and three daughters. The marketing has largely swayed toward the boxing aspect of the show, with posters displaying McCallany looking stone-faced and bloody, gloves up, but we’re particularly drawn to the way the series taps into Leary’s family life outside the ring.

If Coach Taylor parents like a coach, Leary parents like a boxer, as you can see from the clip below. Played by Meredith Hagner, Ryann Shane, and “Fringe’s” Lily Pilblad, Leary’s daughters bring out his softer side. Their boyfriends, not so much.

You also won’t want to miss Stacy Keach as Pops, Lights’ father — a character infused with more humor than we’re used to seeing from Keach.

Despite positive buzz, lower-than-expected ratings troubled the series premiere. At TCA Press Tour, FX President John Landgraf teased, “Maybe we should have made a series about a zombie or a sexy vampire who was trying to regain the heavyweight title.”

If there’s anything we don’t need on our TV screens, it’s more vampires, so make sure catch the pilot for free on iTunes or Amazon to tune in for “Lights Out” on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. We’re hoping “Lights Out” takes a very “FNL” turn and hangs on for seasons to come. Vampire-free.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie