lil wayne god bless amerika music video Lil Wayne flag trampling scene cut from 'God Bless Amerika' music video

Lil Wayne didn’t end up using the footage that shows him walking all over the American flag in his music video for “God Bless Amerika.” Weezy uploaded the video to his YouTube account, and it doesn’t feature a single shot that shows his unpatriotic gaffe.

The music video, though released earlier in the day on Lil Wayne’s YouTube earlier in the day, has since been pulled. “This video contains content from quarterlab, UMG and UMPG Publishing, one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds,” the message on the pulled video reads.

Though Lil Wayne got a lot of flak at the time for his flag-trampling incident, he later came forward to confirm that it was nothing but an accident. “I didn’t step on the flag on purpose! It’s a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop it’s just there as I perform,” he tweeted.

The music video is labeled “explicit,” which makes sense considering the controversial nature of “God Bless Amerika’s” lyrics. “My country ’tis of thee / Sweet land of kill ’em all and let ’em die / God bless Amerika / This ole’ godless Amerika,” Weezy raps in the song.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz