lil wayne john Lil' Wayne's 'John' video puts Rick Ross in a wheelchairFresh off the announcement that Lil’ Wayne would be MTV’s first “Unplugged” rapper in 10 years, Weezy releases his video for “John” featuring Rick Ross.

]]>Colin Tilley directed video places Ross in a wheelchair for no reason at all, except to apparently showcase the spinners. Wayne however splits his time between being shirtless and hanging out in a room filled with bats — As one expects. Tilley and Tunechi previously collaborated on the Chris Brown “Look at Me Now” music video, and they hoped to create that sort of magic once again. “He really liked the whole feel of that video, how there was just so much goin’ on and just the whole energy and colors and all that,” Tilley explains of the rapper. “That’s pretty much what they gave me when they have me the song. They were like, ‘We just love that energy and we want that whole vibe from it.'” Wayne and Ross hit up Miami to film the visually striking video. The lyrics, on the other hand, are extremely NSFW. You can watch the video via Lil’ Wayne’s official VEVO channel. Fans can watch the rapping genius unplug on MTV2 June 12th at 9 PM.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci