lily allen engaged Lily Allen announces latest career twist: Competitive bakerThe trajectory of Lily Allen gets more and more interesting.

Departing music for a career in fashion design and retail — she recently opened a London shop called Lucy In Disguise — Allen is now preparing for a life of domesticity.

“I just made a kickass chocolate mousse cake,” the 25-year-old announced on Twitter, “in preparation for my local baking competition.”

A curious declaration for any other celebrity, but not Allen. The singer seems to be trying her hand at everything while she’s still young. And in anticipation of her June wedding to fiance Sam Cooper, she seems especially keen on home arts.

In the recent TV series “Lily Allen: Rags to Riches,” Allen says, “I want to get married and have kids and make
sandwiches, cutting the crusts off.”

She clearly has more sophisticated plans for that baking contest.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell