Lindahoga_jesse_12811591_600 Even though Hulk Hogan reportedly offered to pay Linda Hogan $40,000 a month, her reps say she is being taken to the proverbial cleaners.

I hear ya, readers. I could live on 40 grand a month easy. But it seems that Hulk left poor Linda with seven dogs, a huge house to maintain and took community property, including their $3 million beach house.

Linda’s peeps say Hulk is wasting 20 grand a month on "Human Growth Hormone" to stay looking buff while Linda is having to spend 20 grand a month in legal fees to wade through all the roadblocks Hulk is putting in their divorce.

So can’t her lawyers lower their fees or do it pro bono?

And no word on what their joint exorbitant tanning session, Botox and peroxide bills must be.

Linda’s camp’s main complaint is that Hulk’s income during the marriage was sometimes over $1 million a month, not a year.

"It is all relative. That is what people don’t understand. You can’t compare what Linda gets to your own income of 50k a year, you have to compare it to Hulk’s onetime income of $12-16 million a year and the lifestyle that comes with it. That puts it into perspective," says Gary Smith, Linda’s publicist.

Click here to read the entire press release, which must also have cost Linda a pretty penny.

Apparently, It’s all about the style in which you have become addicted, er, accustomed.

Keep reading to find out what Linda says really caused the divorce …

]]>Her reps say Hulk Hogan is extremely wealthy and that Linda stood by him for 24 years through thick and thin and that it was she who orchestrated their purchase of the Hulk trademarks from Marvel, trademarks that he is supposedly "hiding."

Plus she raised two kids, almost single-handedly, and endured Hulk’s "lying, betrayal, serial cheating, possessiveness and extreme jealousy while working with him to build the empire he now enjoys and solely controls."

Hulk had an ongoing affair with his daughter’s best friend right under Linda’s nose that eventually ended the marriage. "He even had sex with Brooke’s BFF in Linda & Hulk’s own bed, on special holiday occasions, Linda’s birthday and even ringing in the New Year," states Linda’s representative.  OK, euuww.

Suffice to say that Linda is not going gently into that good divorcee night.

She’s returning to court next week to request additional consideration to defray the unexpected exorbitant legal fees caused by Hulk’s deceptive divorce tactics.

"This has been a complete waste of time, energy and resources to satisfy my ex-husband’s narcissistic need for absolute control and total domination," said Linda Hogan.

What do you think? Should Hulk pay up? Or should LInda take the cash and shut up?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead