elizabeth taylor ideas getty Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor? Why not Nina Dobrev, Ashley Greene, Scarlett Johansson, etc?Well, the word is out. Oft-troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is confirmed to play Elizabeth Taylor in the poorly titled bio-pic “Liz and Dick.”

The made-for-TV movie will follow the romance of Taylor and Richard Burton through all their phases. But the casting of Lohan is bound to create controversy given her legal woes, drug problems and often erratic on-set behavior.

So this got us thinking about who we’d rather see playing Taylor in the Lifetime movie. Here are our thoughts and some reasons why. What do you think?

Scarlett Johansson: Want a surefire way to get a ratings boost for your show? Cast an A-list star who has been nominated four times for a Golden Globe. Sure Johansson might look a little different as a brunette and she’s perhaps a bit voluptuous for the part, but wouldn’t you rather have a real actress playing one of the great thespians of her day.

Nina Dobrev: The former model and star of “The Vampire Diaries” could easily work in this part. She has a combination of looks and acting skills that the role demands. Plus “TVD” fans are so passionate about the program and its actors, they’ll certainly tune in.

Ashley Greene: The “Twilight” actress just finished a stint on the period drama “Pan Am.” And she looked completely in her element dressed in early 1960’s apparel. So there’s a good chance she’d do just fine at it again. Greene’s also got the looks and acting skills to back it up.

Camilla Luddington: Luddington is probably best known for her role as Kate Middleton in the made-for-TV movie “William & Kate,” which also aired on Lifetime. So she’s a known commodity in this world. Plus she’s young, attractive and won’t have to put on a fake British accent if the show follows Taylor’s early years in England.

Megan Fox: Fox was being considered for the role before they went with Lohan. The “Transformers” star is a stunner and can give the “come hither” look better than anyone in show business. Fox’s acting chops are fair at best, and this probably knocked her out of contention. But if Lifetime wants to bring in the teen boy demographic, this might be a smart casting move. Her admirers would likely flock in droves to see their dream girl.

Katie Holmes: Holmes played Jackie Kennedy in the mini-series “The Kennedys.” So she’s good with playing high-profile, elegant personalities. The biggest problem with Holmes is her…bigness. At 5’9″ Holmes would tower over the 5’2″ Taylor. But that’s something that can be fixed in post-production, right?

Posted by:David Eckstein