lindsay lohan blonde getty Lindsay Lohan being investigated over nightclub fightIs Lindsay Lohan back causing trouble again or does she just have a doppelganger? One of these could be the case after an incident report was filed against the oft-troubled actress.

TMZ is reporting that an unnamed woman filed a report with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department on Saturday (April 7) saying that Lohan started a fight with her on Thursday (April 5). The publication states that, according to the report, Lohan wasn’t fond of the fact that the woman was chatting it up with one of actress’s male friends.

Lohan disputes the claim saying that she wasn’t even out that evening. Rather, according to sources, she was enjoying a relaxing evening in front of the TV.

“Lindsay was absolutely not involved in any sort of altercation whatsoever. This is clearly another case of someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame,” Lohan’s spokesperson Steve Honig says.

The cops are looking into the matter.

Posted by:David Eckstein