SamronsonlindsaylohanLindsay Lohan has confirmed what the world has long surmised.

She’s been dating Samantha Ronson "a very long time."

Monday, Lindsay told Loveline, the syndicated radio program, that she’s officially dating the 31-year-old DJ.

Which is news only because although the gal pals have appeared in public kissing and hugging for some time, they’ve been coy about publicly commenting about the nature of their friendship

"You guys, you and Samantha, have been going out for how long now?" DJ Ted Stryker asked. "Like, two years, one year, five months, two months?"

"For a very long time," Lohan said after laughing.

Ronson was initially chatting with Stryker at the TV Guide Emmy after-bash Sunday night. She’d been talking about her friends DJ AM and Travis Barker, who are recovering from severe burns following a plane crash in South Carolina, before she put Lohan on the phone.

Lohan’s publicist, Leslie Sloane-Zelnik, told AP Monday that Lohan is not engaged to be married.

But with these two, you just never know. Months or years from now, we could find out that they’ve been engaged  or married "for a very long time."

Photos: SamRo and LiLo look very much in love and happy at the TV Guide Emmy bash.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead