lindsay lohan back to jail  Lindsay Lohan cuffed! Back to jail for up to a year and a halfLindsay Lohan just can’t catch a break. Or maybe she could, if she put a little effort into it… but she doesn’t. Lohan was back in court on Wednesday morning after she was fired from her community service assignment for missing nine appointments.

The judge has had about enough. Lohan’s probation was revoked and she was handcuffed in court… in front of TMZ cameras, of course. Her bail bondsman was already in the house, so she won’t be spending time in lock-up right away. She has to return to court Nov. 2 for her full sentence.

Before that, though, Lohan has to spend 16 hours doing community service, in two eight-hour blocks… at the morgue.

She could potentially be sentenced to up to a year and a half in jail, but the judge says that due to prison overcrowding, that’s unlikely.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie