lindsay lohan rehab gi Lindsay Lohan deciding to stay in rehab for a few extra days?

Lindsay Lohan seems to have accepted the help she’s been getting in rehab, according to a new report. Though LiLo will officially be allowed to return to the free world on July 31, sources says she’s opting to stay in Cliffside Rehab in Malibu, Calif. for a few extra days to help her transition back to normal life.

TMZ has the news, and acknowledges that some of the story “sounds like B.S. for sure.” For instance, an insider tells TMZ that Lohan would like to live in a “lower level, sober living house,” which TMZ doubts is the case. But this desire to not slip back into drug or alcohol abuse echoes past reports about Lohan’s current mental state, and bodes well for the troubled child star in the long run.

According to TMZ, several people “connected with Lindsay” say they’re “shocked” by how well Lohan is behaving during this rehab sentence. “It’s like invasion of the body snatchers. She’s a different person,” one says.

As previously reported, it seems like Lohan’s plan is still to move to New York after she gets out of rehab. Hopefully she can keep her act together this time because, as her father Michael Lohan says, it likely will be her last chance to have a career in Hollywood.

Of course, Lohan will soon have the chance to tell her side of the story. Oprah Winfrey scored an interview with Lohan slated to air at some point in August to coincide with the release of “The Canyons.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz