lindsay lohan rumor Lindsay Lohan does $50,000 of damage to NYC hotel: Cigarette burnsLindsay Lohan should really just stay home, because it seems that every time she leaves her house she finds herself in a new mess. Literally.

Rumor has it, Lohan did $50,000 worth of damage to her suite at the W Hotel at Union Square in New York City.

You’ve got to be really trying to cause that much destruction.

According to sources at Us, Lohan stayed at the upscale hotel for several weeks while in the city, even though her family’s home in Long Island is just a short drive away. Most of the damage happened because she had friends up to her room to party.

“Her suite had so many cigarette burns, they had to change all the carpets,” says a source at the hotel. “She did at least $50,000 worth of damage while partying. She is not allowed back at any W hotel in NYC, ever!”

Lohan might not be staying in any hotels any time soon, though. She’s currently facing charges for lying to the police after her car crash this summer, as well as a probation violation in the jewelry theft case from last year. Lohan is facing up to 245 days in prison, and/or she could be sentenced to 6 months in “lockdown rehab.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie