lindsay lohan red again Lindsay Lohan dyes hair red again, still looks nothing like Cady HeronGood news! Lindsay Lohan has dyed her hair back to her natural red after rocking that tired bleached-out blonde for far, far too long. We’re not sure what spurred the change — perhaps it has something to do with 65-year-old Debbie Harry being mistaken for Lohan (who is 25) this week — but we like it.

It’s definitely not “Mean Girls” red, though it does make us miss the Lohan of yesteryear. Evidence of filler injections in her face (and a few undeniable miles of bad road) has forced us to admit that Cady Heron will never come back to us.

That said, Lohan definitely looks better than she did on “Saturday Night Live” next weekend, and the fresher look may help her book a much-needed role now that she’s back on her feet and not bogged down by community service requirements.

Do you prefer Lohan as a blonde, a brunette, or with this more natural look? Sound off in the comments section below. Check out more pics here.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie