Lindsay-Lohan.jpgDid Lindsay Lohan actually hit someone with her car outside the Sayers Club in Los Angeles? According to one eyewitness, there was “no contact” between Lohan’s car and the man who accused her. She tells TMZ that she saw the whole thing.

According to Sarah, the 16-year-old budding paparazzo, Lohan’s car was parked outside the club for some time. The manager of the hookah lounge across the way asked her why she was there. She apparently told him, “Don’t worry. We’re leaving.”

Sarah says she was helping to guide Lohan out of the alleyway and that at no time did her car make contact with any other vehicle or person. She also claims that the manager never left his staircase, meaning that there was no way contact could have occurred. Check out the video below and let us know who you believe.

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