lindsay lohan 2 Lindsay Lohan faces 180 days in jail. Best. News. Ever.UPDATE: Turns out Lindsay won’t be arrested after all upon her return to the U.S.

With the bail set at $100,000, Lindsay’s people immediately put up the $10,000 (the standard 10%) to secure the bond, according to TMZ. The judge then recalled the warrant.

TMZ has also learned that Lindsay and her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, will be in court on Monday at 8:30am, at which point the judge will set a date for a probation violation hearing.

Original story below:

Poor Lindsay Lohan!
She faces up to 180 days in jail for missing that stupid court appointment Thursday (May 20) morning.
]]>Linda Lovelace. Blast whoever stole the poor child’s passport, forcing her to stay in Cannes and have fun! The actress was due in court for a progress report on her probation stemming from two 2007 arrests. Her attorney claimed that Lohan’s passport was stolen (or conveniently misplaced?) while she was promoting partying at the Cannes Film Festival and and she could not return to LA in time. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel revoked Lohan’s probation, issued the arrest warrant and imposed several conditions should Lohan make bail. She will be prohibited from drinking any alcohol, required to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet (again) and submit to random weekly drug testing Meanwhile, LIndsay is trying to hitch a ride on a private jet.  RadarOnline posted her pleading email:

“I need my friends, and people I work with to PLEASE help me get on a private plane tomorrow by at least 5pm. This is such a horrible thing that’s happened to me and extremely unfortunate. My passports been stolen and the day before my court hearing. I would never ask such a thing, but if there’s anything that I could ever ask of anyone, it would be to help me with this. I must get back on a jet to LA tomorrow. If anyone has planes leaving Nice/Cannes at any time after 11am when I get my passport, please, please, let me know if you can help me. God bless All my love Thank you, Lindsay Lohan.”
Wednesday night Lindsay didn’t really look very worried about all this. She was photographed partying on a huge yacht wearing a miniskirt and thigh-high stockings. Bye-bye, film career! Wheee! PS: Did we mention that the US Embassy in France says that although Lindsay reported her passport stolen, she never applied for a new passport? Just thought we’d throw that in there. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news Photo credits: Getty Images


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