lindsay lohan shawn holley february 2012 gi Lindsay Lohan fires lawyer Shawn Holley, immediately regrets itIt’s so hard to find good legal representation these days, and no one knows that better than Lindsay Lohan.

There were conflicting reports out of Lohan-land today, as TMZ broke the news that the trouble-prone actress had surprisingly fired L.A. lawyer Shawn Holley, one day before she was due in court for a probation violation hearing. Apparently, Lohan’s new New York attorney Mark Heller sent Holley a termination letter, relieving her of representing Lohan.

Later in the day, TMZ reported that Lohan insists she never meant to fire Holley and it’s all a big misunderstanding. She considers Holley to be a “second mother” to her, even though Lohan supposedly signed the termination letter herself.

As usual with stories about Lohan, there’s something fishy in the reporting. Holley is praised as an “ace” attorney who “magically” makes (some) of Lohan’s (many) legal problems go away. While Heller is slammed as a “menace to the public” (a quote pulled from a New York Times profile and attributed to a “disciplinary panel that recommended [Heller’s] five-year suspension in the mid-1990s”).

So who is Lohan actually better off with? Isn’t it depressing enough that we even have to ask?

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