lindsay lohan st barts Lindsay Lohan reportedly gets paid to have a ball. But no bubbly!

Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner is used to paying his dates. He usually pays them $150,000 to go with him to one of his shopping malls and then head for the lavish international event, the Vienna Opera Ball.
 This year, the lucky girl is Lindsay Lohan.
But like everything in Lindsay’s life, there were problems that needed to be ironed out.

]]>First, Lindsay’s handlers wanted to change the Feb. 11 date. Sorry, folks. No can do. Anyway, what big plans did Lindsay have that night? Then Lohan said she wanted to wait until just before the Feb. 11 ball to pick “a European gown.” Hint, couture. 

Finally, her handlers had a drink order. No champagne. No open bar. No booze within reach of LiLo.
“Her managers have told us to make sure that she doesn’t drink during her trip,” Lugner told the New York Post. “We have made arrangements to pull all the liquor from the mini-bar in the hotel room where she’ll stay, and told room service they are not to deliver drinks to her.”
She will be served mineral water that night. Yeah, just like she was at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival a few years ago when she grabbed a bottle of bubbly, slugged it on the dance floor and made instant headlines.
Lucky Lugner recently squired  Pamela Anderson, Nicollette Sheridan, Carmen Electra and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Dita Von Teese.
Horrified guests accuse the billionaire of contributing a decided “Lewinsky” factor to the ball after he twice invited infamous White House intern Monica Lewinsky.  Interestingly, Monica twice declined.
Wait, Monica Lewinsky said no to a paid date that Lindsay Lohan agreed to? 
Wow. That speaks volumes.
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